Quacking Frog Productions builds fun games for young children. Our games are wholesome and nurturing.

We innovate with two main goals in mind:
1. To encourage thoughtful and creative play without bombarding our
    children with over-stimulating media.
2. To bring classic charm into the digital world that our children increasingly
Stay tuned for more of Misa Mouse & Friends online and off

Inspiring Ideas

1. See Mr. Rogers Defending PBS to the US Senate and discussing the importance of demonstrating “expressions of care” to our children.

Raising Happiness, by Christine Carter - a terrific book on creating happiness habits with your family.

3. Read rhymes and poetry to your children. This seems to be a lost habit but it is so much fun and also great for language development. One recommendation is:

It’s Raining Pigs & Noodles
by Jack Prelutsky.