Introducing Misa Mouse, Pickles Puppy, and Camo Cat!

It’s a Pirate, it’s a Princess! It’s Misa Mouse and her friends all dressed up and ready to go wherever their imaginations will take them.

Dress Up Day with Misa Mouse & Friends has all of the appeal of a classic dress up game set in a charming storybook setting.

Children simply touch and pull costume pieces onto Misa Mouse, Pickles Puppy, or Camo Cat to play the matching game and Unlock the Secret Costume Treasure. Or, they can create fantabulous characters by dressing Misa, Pickles, and Camo with their own mix of costume pieces. Children can save their Favorites and make up stories with them in the Puppet Show. They can also share them with their parents and friends. Dress Up Day encourages matching and category building skills as well as zany and creative play.

  • 15 different costumes, including Princess, Prince, Pirate, Cowboy and Cowgirl, Scuba Diver, Police Officer, Firefighter, Ballerina, and more
  • 3 furry storybook characters (Misa Mouse, Camo Cat, and Pickles Puppy)
  • Children play a costume matching game to win the costumes
  • 7 Puppet Show scenes with unique soundtracks where children can create stories with their Favorite dressed characters
  • Intuitive navigation with recognizable icons
  • Text labels to build letter recognition and early reading skills
  • Save to Photos (On & Off)
  • Share on Email and Facebook (On & Off)

Put on a Puppet Show for your Friends & Family!

Save your Camo, Misa, and Pickles Favorites to photos, print them, cut them out, and glue them to Popsicle sticks to make handles. You can create a puppet theater and puppet show scenes using old shoeboxes, colored paper, paint, markers, stickers, and glue.

This is a fun way to explore and expand the possibilities!

Dress Up Day with Misa Mouse & Friends
for the iPad

iTunes Link:

Price: $1.99

Coming soon: Dress Up Day for the iPhone and iPod touch
Stay tuned for more of Misa Mouse & Friends online and off!